NUU, Network Update Utility, is a graphical user interface which allows a user to make modifications to the installed rpm packages on a system.



NUU can be downloaded as a source tarballs.

NUU also can be downloaded as a binary or source rpm for the following linux distributions:

NUU support for other distributions can be found in older distros.

Those locations contain all the packages necessary to build nuu (beyond those provided by the distribution). If you wish only to install the binary package, then only the following packages are necessary:

NOTE: Some of the rpm packages in the above locations are produced by third parties and are provided here only for convenience.

In the past, NUU was released for various Fedora and SUSE releases, but this no longer is done. The tool almost certainly still works on those releases, however, and NUU could be built for them from the source tarball.

Repository Configuration

For automatic updates of NUU itself, you can create a configuration file named /etc/yum.repos.d/nuu.repo with the appropriate following content: